Children are what we are here for

Our Focus

Basic education and literacy

Develop and improve the ability to read, write and use numeracy to handle information, to express ideas and opinion to make decisions and solve problems as family members, workers, citizen and lifelong learners.

Creative and aesthetic development

Fostering creative development and aesthetic awareness in children and help them to develop their individual competency. Through these children are free to express their innermost feeling or personal thought.

Improving mental and emotional well being

The main focus here is to improve the mental and emotional well-being of children through various workshops. To help children identify and understand the causes of their behaviors and ways to handle/improve and enhance it

Creating safe spaces

Young people can be powerful agent of social change. Here we are trying to create a space where young people can talk openly about themselves, challenge thought provoking questions and can also share their idea of social change

Who we are

“There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child” and this love motivated usto start “My Perch”.

My Perch” is a registered charitable trust. It’s a welcoming place for all age group with the collection of age appropriate books for everyone. Educational games, puzzles, art and craft corner for children. Children are what we are here for. Childhood is what we do. We let them be. We let them grow. We let them play. We let them imagine. We believe children are not the things to be molded but people to be unfolded. And it’s an effort from the deep of my heart, to let them become all that they are meant to because it’s easier to make stronger children then to repair the broken men!

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