December 15, 2016

Get Involved

We really need your support to enhance, enrich and even continue our services. You all can be very much a part of this wonderful world and feel everything that I said above. I know of a few ways, in which you can contribute, like below and I am sure, you can think of many more:

Donate– You can Donate Online using this link or by transferring to “My Perch’s bank account. Click for Details

Other ways to Donate

Stationery Donation ( as kids do lots of crafts and arts)  –  if you have books, craft supplies, paints, brushes, papers(old newspaper, magazine, clean A4 sheets) , fevicol etc. or any other stationery material. Kindly reach us out on our number, email or visit us for donations.

Set up recurring deposityou can help us to improve our quality of services by giving regular contribution through your bank account throughout the year. For as low as Rs 500, you can support five children for full year.

Help us enhance our infrastructure – You can help us enhance our small computer lab, our collection of books and puzzles, our small office, our music system, our video library or anything.