December 15, 2016

Our Impact

Working with these beautiful bundles of hope is different than many other forms of is full of life, real challenges, lots of small , big and worthy leanings and endless love & support  on the journey. Each day this place called “My Perch” has a lot to teach me. Each day these kids have something to give me.

We take away a bag of satiating smiles every day, Glimpses of budding poets on some days, a look of future dancers, blossoming poets and artists on many days. And lots of love and warmth – each and every moment!

Our heart is filled with proud when we see these kids, from not so resourceful background, asking  thought provoking  questions on transgender, puberty, sexuality. We see have made some difference when we see the boys from these areas, helping their sisters with work, during their menstrual cycle. We feel that we have watered the seeds right, when we see them crafting the products of need with limited and unused material. We feel that yes we did let sunlight into their lives when we see them exploring the skylines of theater, dance, science or music or any art of their choice.

Despite, schools and tuitions, many kids, just come for small duration – few days in a week, just to be connected and sense a part of this harmony.

Our impact is heartfelt. It is so conspicuous in the eyes, smiles and lives of all those who come to “My Perch”.