December 15, 2016

What we Think

Childhood is most precious period of one’s life. Impression formed in childhood – cast an impact to our overall personality and being. Rose gets its color and vitality from its root and so does each one of us. A healthy childhood is what each one deserves and needs.

Knowingly or unknowingly, many times, we adults bound them into the boundaries of our limited 
knowledge and not let the vast imagination bloom. We fit them into the thoughts, world, books, lives, dreams we have known and seen but we forget that they are unique seeds which can grow and blossom into something beautiful and exquisite that has not been before.

The precious childhood is trampled of many. And it is very prevalent with the underprivileged kids of not very resourceful areas, of not very aware parents. Their innocence, love, talents, potentials, uniqueness and beauty is lost to the crudeness of the world.

So , I would like to say that we are not a school. We are not just a Library. We are their very own space where they receive love, warmth, where they want to try, where they want to experiment, where they want to learn for the joy of learning and where they would one day discover their true-selves.  Where they want to come back again and again not to achieve or attain but to be. So, for each of these high flying birds- we are its Perch, and that’s why each one of us calls it, “My perch.”

Someone has rightly said it “Children are not the things to be folded. But people to be unfolded”. “My perch” is small effort in that direction.